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Captain Walter Bode

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South Padre Island Bay Fishing

The Lower Laguna Madre Bay is the worlds 3rd largest hyper saline body of water along South Padre Island and has a highly productive eco system. South Padre Island  has some of the best bay fishing in South Texas. If you're looking for a great fishing trip then you have come to the right place. So drop a line to Captain Bode and schedule a trip that will leave you excited.


If you are coming to South Padre Island for Spring Break 2014 then look no further.  We can hook you up with an exciting day of fishing off the shores of South Padre Island. Captain Bode has been fishing the Lower Laguna Madre since he was a child, with the last 15 years as a professional charter fishing guide. During Captain Bode’s professional fishing career he has acquired many fishing trophies personally and for his charter clients. Bode’s Bay fishing is available for fishing tournaments On South Padre Island, Port Isabel and Port Mansfield. Captain Bode can put you on the fish and possibly 1st place at one of our fishing tournaments on South Padre Island.


Red drum are a dark red color on the back, which

fades into white on the belly. The red drum have a characteristic eyespot near the tail and are somewhat streamlined.


The Gulf flounder is a flatfish that swims on its side. They have sharp teeth, two eyes on one side, and have a white bottom side.


The speckled trout is a common along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean. Adults reach 19-25 inches in length and 1-4 pounds in weight. While most of these fish are caught on shallow, grassy flats, spotted sea trout reside in virtually any inshore waters, from the surf of outside islands to far up coastal rivers.

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